Fish Farming Industry

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is an extremely unique product for open water fish farming.

As it is commonly used today, HDPE Pipe can be used for floating fish pens, tanks, rafts, pontoons, floating feeding systems, gravity cages and an array of other floating technologies. Pipe is fused together in a variety of configurations to create an air tight, floating farm that typically tethers nets together underwater and is used to raise a variety of fish.

Fish Farmers throughout the world use HDPE for fish farming because it is highly resistant to biofouling, abrasive sea water, and UV Rays. HDPE is also impenetrable to fish predators like turtles, otters and other fish eating mammals. HDPE is flexible and therefore won’t crack or break in rough seas or if bumped by a boat or structure. HDPE is also ideal for fish farms where high winds (up to 160 km/hr) and waves (up to 7 meters) are common.

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