HDPE Structures & Manholes

Our company is well known as an expert in the fabrication of HDPE Structures.

HDPE is especially well suited for abrasive and corrosive applications, which would otherwise reduce the lifespan of traditional products like steel or concrete. Our Custom HDPE Structures can be almost any size or shape, and are typically created from Solid Wall Pipe. Sizes go up to 65″ OD using an extrusion manufacturing process. Sizes go as high as 120″ ID using mandrel wrapped manufacturing processes in both solid wall and profile wall pipe. Each structure is unique and comes with its own set of performance requirements.



Pump Stations

Lechate Collection

Well Heads

Industrial and Municipal
Inspection Chambers

Siphon Structures

Electrical Protection Boxes

Wet Wells


HDPE Structures & Manholes Catalog

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