Water Industry

The benefits of High Density Polyethylene piping for Potable Water applications are many.

HDPE provides for superior construct-ability, 100% leak free systems, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, cost effective shipping and installation, and a Hazen Williams C Factor of 150 that does not change over time due to corrosion or tuberculation. Slowly but surely, HDPE is becoming the choice material for municipalities and organizations in need of long term water supply systems. The combination of benefits it provides have only begun to be realized.

Based on Federal Highway Administration reports, United States utilities are spending an average of $36 Billion annually on the protection of corroding pipes. This fact alone demonstrates why HDPE is the choice for your water project. HDPE doesn’t corrode or tuberculate so it is an essential element in reducing your overall maintenance budget and increasing your billable water supply.

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