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Look no further than High Country Fusion. We have one of the largest and most diverse sets of fusion machine fleets available today for both national and international use. Contact High Country Fusion today to learn more about our available rentals and get a quote for your next HDPE project.

High Country Fusion is proud to maintain one of the largest Certified McElroy Rental fleets in the country.

McElroy has long been the gold standard of polyethylene fusion machines essentially inventing the process in late 1950s. Certified McElroy Rental equipment is better than other equipment getting exceptional overall care with consistent maintenance to be in the best condition possible and factory-trained expert inspection after each rental. Certified distributors are audited to ensure each fleet meets McElroy’s high expectations.

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High Country Fusion is a proud member of the McElroy Certified Rental Program.

So, what does this mean really? It means that all our machines undergo a comprehensive quality checklist after every single rental to maintain the absolute best operation. In addition to our own stringent testing, representatives from McElroy regularly audit our fleet to ensure we are in compliance with their strict quality requirements.

We offer McElroy training and host select McElroy University courses.

Customers who require everything from re-certification, entry-level training to simply a refresher course on McElroy fusion procedures can find expert help here. High Country and McElroy have been working together for decades and it’s because of this longstanding relationship, we pride ourselves on being able to supply our customers with the best McElroy knowledge, products, and service.

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