Sanitary Sewer Industry

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a proven solution for Sanitary Sewer applications.

It has been used over 30 years in municipal and industrial settings. HDPE offers very distinct advantages over the alternatives, including complete elimination of exfiltration & infiltration (fusion joint), total resistance to corrosion, abrasion, cost effective handling, shipping, and installation. HDPE is used for a variety of sewer system applications including forced sewer mains, manholes, pipeline rehabilitation, slip lining, trenchless pipeline replacement, pipe bursting, combined storm/sewer lines, sludge lines, intake and outfall lines, culvert relining, digester lines, laterals and more.

Federal Highway Administration reports the United States utilities are spending an average of $36 Billion on protection of corroding pipes annually. This demonstrates why HDPE is the best choice for sanitary sewer projects. HDPE doesn’t corrode or tuberculate so it is an essential element in reducing maintenance budgets. Additionally, HDPE eliminates the exfiltration of sewer materials in the community’s environment, and infiltration of water in sewage system and treatment facilities.

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