Landfill Industry

When choosing a piping product for landfill applications, look no further than High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Engineers throughout the world realize that no other material has the right combination of attributes that make itperfect for landfill applications such as leachate, methane gas collection, and removal. For Landfill riser shafts, HDPE is an excellent choice. The HDPE pipe specified is a smooth wall variety which eliminates the possibility of vertical crushing as landfill levels increase over the shaft. Custom bases are set in place and riser segments can be added over time. The debris cap is easily removed and re-attached when new riser segments are needed.

HDPE pipe is heat fused, meaning it is completely leak free. Operators can rest easy knowing that harmful materials and chemicals can be transferred to treatment facilities without risk of harming important resources. HDPE is unique in its flexibility, high load tolerances, corrosion resistance, and ability to handle most harsh chemicals or acids. One of the top priorities for landfill operators is protecting the surrounding environment and groundwater. HDPE provides an excellent solution for controlling waste loss or contamination.

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