Irrigation Industry

Irrigation systems using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) save time, money, and conserve water for the end user.

There simply is no better solution available today. HDPE uses include golf courses, sporting fields, large scale agriculture and farming irrigation systems. HDPE moves water from one place to another efficiently without wasting a single drop of water; other types of materials cannot make this claim. HDPE is lightweight and has high resistance to impacts, abrasion, seismic activity, corrosion, harmful chemicals and acids. The process is simple and efficient. HDPE is an excellent choice for avoiding costly repairs.

Sections of pipe are fused together using a process called Thermal Butt Fusion. This creates a perfect “join” between the two pipes as strong as the pipe itself without compromising the integrity. Fittings & various housings are connected using this same process. The result is a 100% leak proof system that saves water and associated costs. High Country Fusion has been helping to install HDPE irrigation systems over 17 years. There aren’t many challenges we haven’t faced. Put our experience to work for you and contact our team today with any questions.

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