Storm Water Industry

For long term durability, effectiveness and cost containment, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is the clear choice for storm water management and collection.

Over the past several years, HDPE has become the product of choice for municipalities and land developers in need of the best long term solutions. The benefits of using HDPE over concrete or other alternatives are many. HDPE is lightweight which means it is easy to transport and install on site. HDPE comes in sections up to 50 feet in length so there are fewer joints to make. This results in the elimination of joint failure, and further ability to install systems quickly.

With HDPE, joints are heat fused together which completely eliminates leaks. This is especially helpful when groundwater runoff has been contaminated and needs to be transported to treatment facilities before going back in to the environment. Polyethylene does not require expensive diamond bit saws for cutting, and when applied to large installations, this can represent a significant additional cost savings.

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