Mining Industry

High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) has proven itself for over 30 years as the product of choice for various mining applications.

The characteristics of HDPE make it ideal for things like slurry processing, water processing, heap leaching, solution mining, tailings transportation, pit & mine dewatering, depressurization and dust suppression. For demanding and harsh environments commonly found at mining sites, HDPE can’t be beat. HDPE has a very high resistance to most harsh chemicals and can handle acids ranging from low ph acids to high ph caustic solutions.

It is also very resistant to abrasions and will not break or shatter without significant outside force. HDPE is semi-rigid meaning it can withstand high external loads as well as high internal pressure surges. In addition, it is flexible and has a tendency to expand with pressure surges. This increases the life of the pipeline and reduces the overall cost of maintenance.

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